Ferro CORDOBOND Strong Back Resin and Activator - 453 g

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Ferro CORDOBOND Strong Back Resin and Activator


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No special equipment or external heat required. Used to saturate fiberglass cloth, mat or tape creating a high strength; impact, abrasion, corrosion resistant surface. Ideal for repairing pipes and difficult contoured surfaces. The resin bonds to most surfaces including steel, plastics, wood and ceramics.

Packing Type Kit
Resistance Gasoline Toluene Water Carbon Tetrachloride
Working Time 15 Min Min 25 Min Max
Applications Multi-purpose
Applicable Materials Plastics Steel Wood Ceramics.
Hardness 85.0 Shore D
Specific Gravity 1.8500
Wt. 1.57 Lb
Fix Cure Time Temp. 4 H 70 F
Compressive Strength 24000 Psi
Color Off-white
Chemical Compound Epoxy
Curing Method Ambient Temp
Tensile Strength 31 Psi Min 35000 Psi Max
Temp. Range 200.0 F Max
Capacity Wt. 1 Lb

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