WEICON Repair Stick Aqua

WEICON Repair Stick Aqua
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  • for underwater applications
  • ceramic-filled
Ideal for quick repairs on damp and wet surfaces and for underwater applications.
For the repair and sealing of cracks, holes, and leaks in petrol and water tanks, radiators, electrical switchboards, sanitary installations and swimming pools.
The WEICON Repair Stick Aqua can be used in sanitary and heating system construction, electrical equipment, the maritime sector and many additional industrial applications.
ISSA: 75.530.02/03
IMPA: 81 29 23/24
Technical Data
Composition Epoxy resin and ceramic fillers
Pot life at 25 g material and at +20°C 15 Min.
Density of the mixture 1,9 g/cm³
Processing temperature +10 bis +40 °C
Curing temperature +6 bis +40 °C
Colour after curing white
Gap covering power to maximum 15 mm
Handling strength (35% strength/+20°C) after 30 Min.
Capable of bearing mechanical loads(50% strength/+20°C) after 1 h
Final strength (100%) at +20°C after 24 h
Pressure (DIN 53281-83) 75 N/mm²
Shore hardness D 65
Average tensile shear strength after 7 days  
ac. to DIN 53283 6,2 (Steel sandblasted) N/mm²
Temperature resistance -50 bis +120 (kurzfr. +150) °C

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