AKFIX HT300 Gasket Maker, 310ml

AKFIX HT300 Gasket Maker
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Akfix HT300 is a high-performance silicone sealant developed for
sealing, bonding and repairing works where heat resistance is required.
It is an ideal sealant for high temperature construction applications. It
reacts with atmospheric moisture to produce a tough, elastic silicone.

Excellent heat resistance after curing up to 250 °C permanently and up to
300 °C temporarily.
100% silicone,
Remains flexible at low (-40 °C) and high (+250 °C) temperatures,
Resists to mechanical enforcement after curing,
Acetoxy cure, RTV silicone,
Will not crack, shrink or become brittle,
One component.
Sealing and bonding applications in automotives,
On heating systems and ovens for sealing / tightness,
Sealing and bonding in stoves,
Gaskets in pumps and motors,
Sealing chimneys,
Other bonding and sealing applications where parts must perform at
high temperatures.

Ensure that surfaces to be sealed are clean, dry and grease free.
The application temperature must be between +5°C and +40°C.
In order to reduce the deformations of the joints, their depth must be
much less than their width, minimum dimensions are 5x5 mm, for wider
joints the depth should be preferably half of the width and it is adjusted by
the use of a backup material.
After the application, the sealant must be tooled with light pressure within
5 minutes to spread the material against the joint surfaces and to obtain a
professional finish.
Excess uncured sealant may be cleaned with solvent. Cured sealant can
be removed barely mechanically.
6 mm. joint depth is recommended for joint widths between 6 mm to 12 mm.
Joint width and depth ratio should be about 2:1. 

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