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Three Bond 1401B contains synthetic resins and rubbers for its main ingredients and its originating modified from Three Bond 1401. By one application, it prevents screws, nuts, and bolts from getting loose, leaking and rusting. Screws, practical aspects are usually required to be taken off. So, prototype is designed so as to be taken off at the time of maintenance or repair by a force 10% ∼ 20% more than that for screwing. One of these outstanding features of Three Bond 1401B is that it has excellent locking effect and yet can be taken off easily. Conventionally, paint has been used for the purposed of locking screws. However, Three Bond 1401B functions completely differently from the paint although they are similar to each other in that they are liquids. Three Bond shall be abbreviated as ‘TB’ in this literature.


I. Performance:

  •  Cured TB 1401B is resilient and has excellent vibration and impact resistance.
  •  Because of its low viscosity, it penetrates into every corner of threads and prevents the screws from leaking and getting loose.
  •  Prevents rusting and corrosion.
  •  Has excellent locking effects, and yet can be taken off easily.
  •  Does not harm most plastics and painted parts.
  •  Can be used for a wide range of temperatures.
  •  Reduces frequency of quality claims resulting from screw loosening and increase reliance on machinery.
  •  Presents no fatigue and ageing as with washers and maintains locking effect forever.


II. Economy and Convenience:

  •  Use of washers, split pins, double nuts can be eliminated.
  •  TB1401B permits use of less accurate screws and bolts. In addition, this enables users to save much material cost.
  •  Material control can be simplified. Up to now, many kinds of washers, splits pins and other devices were prepared to meet specific requirements. However, TB 1401B can be used universally      regardless of shapes and sizes of screws.
  •  TB 1401B can be used again even when designs of machinery are changed.
  •  No skills are required in application.

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