LIQUI-MOLY Silicon Grease Transparent ,500g (Made in Germany)

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Silicone Grease Transparent

Lubricant with wide-ranging application area. Ideally suited for low to high temperatures. Excellent isolation and sliding properties, e.g., on metal/plastic matings. High oxidation resistance, low volatility. Cold and hot water resistant, age and temperature stable, dirt sealing and transportable in central lubrication plants. Can be used in weakly acidic or weakly alkaline area. Also suitable for roller and roller bearing lubrication with low bearing pressures. Designation acc DIN 51502 K SI 2 S-40. Service temperature: –40 °C to +200 °C


Intended use

For lubricating sunroofs, seat rails, door hinges, rods, etc.



Wide-band lubricant for low and high temperatures with outstanding separation and lubrication properties. High resistance to oxidation, low tendency to evaporate. It is resistant to both cold and hot water, resistant to aging and temperature stable, it seals out contamination and can be delivered by centralized lubrication systems. Can be used in slightly acidic or slightly alkaline areas. Complies with the labeling according to DIN 51502: KSI2 S-40




  •  High lubrication reliability
  • For separate and mixture lubrication
  • Excellent high and low temperature behavior
  • Outstanding resistance to oxidation
  • Optimum stability to aging
  • Dirt repellent
  • Good water resistance


  Areas of application

Plain and roller bearings with low bearing pressures. Separating agent and lubricant for metal/plastic pairings. Sealing grease for labyrinth seals. Can be used in damp and chemically-aggressive environments. The instructions from the bearing manufacturer must be followed. Please only fill up the bearing housing halfway with grease. Thoroughly remove old remains of lubricants before use.

   Do not mix with other lubricating greases.


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