AKFIX 840 B2 Fire Rated PU Foam (straw), 750ml

AKFIX 840 B2 Fire Rated PU Foam
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Akfix 840 is a self-extinguishable multi-purpose polyurethane foam which provides moderate fire safety. It is designed for easy dispensing through the straw adapter included to each can. 


Excellent adhesion & filling capacity
Good for filling wide caps with its high expansion rate.  
Economical consumption thanks to precise application.  
Conforms to fire class B2 according to DIN 4102-1.
High yield up to 55 liters depending on temperature and humidity.  
Mould-proof, water-proof and over paintable. 

Insulating electrical outlets and water pipes. 
Fixing and insulating of door and window frames.  
Filling and sealing of gaps, joints and cavities.     
Filling of penetrations in walls. 

Can temperature should be +20 °C.  
Application (ambient) temperature should be between +5 °C to +35 °C.   
Shake the can well before use. Screw the adapter on the valve.  
Hold the can upside down and activate the foam by pressing the valve.  
Moisturizing the surfaces and the foam improves adhesion and shortens curing time.  
Fresh foam can be cleaned by Akfix Foam Cleaner. Cured foam can be cleaned barely mechanically.

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