WEICON Corro-Protection

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Milli Liter (ml)
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Corrosion protection for indoor storage and overseas shipment of metals
WEICON protective film approved by the German TÜV. It lastingly preserves tools and precision components with a dry and waxy layer.
WEICON Corro Protection can be used as safe corrosion protection for bare, unpainted metal parts, for the indoor storage of work-pieces, as corrosion protection during overseas transport and for the conservation of tools and precision components

WEICON Corro-Protection lastingly preserves tools and precisions parts made of metal for inside storage and overseas shipping, with a dry, waxy protective film.



  • Safe corrosion protection of plain, unlacquered metal parts through a transparent protective film
  • Inside storage of work pieces
  • Corrosion protection in case of overseas shipping
  • Preservation of tools and precision parts

As required, the protective film can be removed easily (ASK HOW ?)





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